Why is it worth choosing a thermoelastic mattress?

The SOVEA mattress is made from three layers which are mutually complementary and have various suitable properties. Their thermoelastic features make the mattress react to the pressure of the human body and to its temperature. Thanks to this it fits the silhouette perfectly and provides even support during your sleep, which means comfort. Additionally, the mattress is an exceptionally durable product.

Who are thermoelastic mattresses for?

For anybody, who values themselves comfortable rest.

What sizes are SOVEA mattresses available in?

SOVEA mattresses are available in the following sizes:

  • 80 / 200 cm,
  • 90 / 200 cm,
  • 100 / 200 cm,
  • 120 / 200 cm,
  • 140 / 200 cm,
  • 160 / 200 cm,
  • 180 / 200 cm,
  • 200 / 200 cm,

Are thermoelastic mattresses durable?

Definitely yes. Their lifetime is estimated to be about 10 years under normal conditions of use, in accordance with the intended use. The weight and the type of frame used affects the lifespan of the mattress.

How should you look after the SOVEA mattress?

SOVEA mattresses do not require special care treatments. The cover attached to the set guarantees sufficient protection against mechanical damage. However, it is not resistant to liquid substances.

What material is the SOVEA mattress cover made of?

SOVEA mattress cover consists of three parts. The top layer is made of “Thermal Control” fabric, which provides the appropriate thermal regulation. In the side layer, there is a mesh belt that supports the ventilation process. The bottom layer of the cover is made of non-slip material, which ensures proper position of the mattress in the bed frame and protects the mattress against abrasion and other mechanical damage.

Can SOVEA mattress be bought at a stationary store?

No. SOVEA mattresses are only available in the online store. Thanks to this, you can get a very good quality mattress at an affordable price. It allows us to eliminate the costs associated with running a stationary store. We also give you the opportunity to test the mattress for 60 days!

Which frame is the best for SOVEA mattresses?

Virtually any frame will be right. However, it is worth choosing the one in which the intervals between particular rungs are not larger than 10 cm. Thanks to this, it will be an appropriate support for the mattress and will translate into the comfort of its use.

Do I really have the opportunity to test the SOVEA mattress for 60 days?

We know very well how important comfort is when you sleep. For this reason, we strive to ensure that the quality of our products meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. From the moment SOVEA is received, each customer has 60 days to try it out. We are open to any suggestions and comments. Thanks to them we are still developing. So if you think that the mattress does not meet your expectations, please let us know by telephone or email. We will set the best solution to your problem together.

The mattress does not meet my expectations; can I return it?

Of course. Within a maximum of 72 hours from notifying us of the intention to withdraw from the contract we will send to the indicated courier address, who will collect the mattress. You will not incur any costs. We only ask you to properly prepare it for transport, which will allow you to safely bring it to our office. The refund for the mattress will be made up to 10 business days to the bank account number indicated.

What material is the SOVEA cushion made of?

The SOVEA cushion is made of high quality thermoelastic foam. Its density is 45 kg / m3.

How large is the SOVEA cushion available?

The SOVEA cushion is available in a size of 40 × 60 cm.

Does the SOVEA cushion have a cover in the set?

Yes. It is made of “Thermal Control” membrane fabric for production, which uses natural TENCEL fibers with very good thermal regulation properties. The cover is suitable for washing at temperatures up to 60 ° C.

Are SOVEA mattresses and pillows suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes. Materials used for production ensure good air circulation and effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms. An additional advantage is the ability to wash covers in temperatures up to 60 ° C.

Why is there only one type of mattress and pillow in your offer?

SOVEA brand was created from the love to the Scandinavian lifestyle and their approach to resting, and for the comfort of your sleep. Sova means sleep in Swedish, and sleep is a very significant part of life for Scandinavians. It is for us, too. For this reason, in our shop’s offer we have only products, which we’re certain of. SOVEA mattresses and pillows are in our opinion products that guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep, every night.

What should I do if the mattress brought by the courier is damaged?

If you have any suspicion about damage to the mattress during transport, write down a damage report in the presence of the courier and tell us immediately about the situation. In the event of any obvious damage to the mattress, it is best to refuse to accept the parcel. It will then be taken to the headquarters of our company at our expense, and we will send you another parcel immediately.