Sovea Pillow

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SOVEA pillow is made out of a high quality thermoelastic foam, which perfectly fits the body and allows to maintain an ergonomic body position during sleep.

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SOVEA pillow- the comfort of sleep, every night

Many factors have effect on the comfort of your sleep. One of them is the choice of the correct pillow. We have to admit, during the last few years there has been a real revolution in the matter of pillows- both pillow sizes and pillow fillings have changed, in order to ensure a healthy night’s sleep, which will sooth and encourage relaxation. When buying a pillow, it’s worthwile choosing one, which will guarantee comfort and provide adequate support for the neck and head. The SOVEA pillow was made out of high quality thermoelastic foam, which perfectly fits the shape of the body and allows to maintain an ergonomic position of the body while sleeping.

The thermoelastic foam in the SOVEA pillow- what do you need to know about it?

The filling of the SOVEA pillow is thermoelastic foam of 45 kg/m3 density, which ensures intelligent matching to the body shape. How is this possible? The thermoelastic foam is made out of millions of cells which are empty. Thanks to pressure and warmth, their form changes. The pillow becomes plastic and will adapt to the shape of your body.

Why is it worth choosing the SOVEA pillow?

The SOVEA pillow, except for high quality filling has:

  • A system of holes ensuring the perfect ventilation, which effects its durability and usage comfort;
  • A removable case from membrane fabric– ‘’thermo control’’, which has TENCEL fibres used for the production. These fibres have very good thermal regulatory properties. The case can be washed in temperature up to 60 C.
  • Optimal size of 40x 60 cm, which is recommended by orthopedists.

Additionally, the SOVEA pillow is an anti-allergic product, ideal for the whole family. It efficiently eliminates spine and neck pains, as well as head pains, the feeling of a stiff neck, or restless sleep.

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Dimensions60 × 40 cm