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Frequently Asked Questions

Sovea mattress is made of four layers that perform different functions in the overall construction and have complementary characteristics. The products we offer are thermoelastic, which means that they react to the pressure of the human body and to its temperature. As a result, the Sovea thermoelastic mattresses adapt perfectly to the figure – this means that they provide even support for the spine during sleep, and thus enhance the feeling of comfort during sleep. They alleviate pressure on the vertebrae by increasing the support surface for the spine. As a result, they relax the muscles and increase sleep comfort. In addition, the Sovea mattress is anti-allergenic by ensuring adequate air circulation and thermal regulation, which minimises the risk of microbial and bacterial growth. The product itself is also extremely durable, holding firmly to the bed frame, and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Thermoelastic mattresses are products for anyone who values healthy and quality sleep. In addition, they are dedicated to people noting back problems and having rheumatic lesions. A thermoelastic mattress directly affects the comfort of their sleep – by providing solid support for the spine, it reduces pressure on the vertebrae, distributes weight evenly and reduces muscle tension.

Thermoelastic mattresses are ideal for people struggling with cardiovascular disease because, by minimizing pressure, they do not block blood flow.

It is also an ideal product for chronically ill patients, which minimises the risk of pressure sores by distributing body weight evenly.

That's not all – thermoelastic mattresses are the go-to product for anyone who values comfortable sleep and rest. Although Sovea products are medical in nature, they are not just for those struggling with health problems – they are products that enhance the quality of your sleep and have a direct impact on your wellbeing.

Sovea mattresses are official medical products with all the necessary certificates and are available in the following dimensions:

  • 70 / 200 cm,
  • 80 / 200 cm,
  • 90 / 200 cm,
  • 100 / 200 cm,
  • 120 / 200 cm,
  • 140 / 200 cm,
  • 160 / 200 cm,
  • 180 / 200 cm,
  • 200 / 200 cm,
Thermoelastic mattresses are characterised by their very high durability. Their lifespan, when used as intended, has been determined to be approximately 10 years. How long a Sovea mattress will retain its characteristic, is influenced by the weight of the user and the type of bed frame on which it is placed.

The Sovea mattress requires no specialized maintenance. By providing it with a dedicated cover, it is characterised by high resistance to mechanical damage and, consequently, long durability. However, this is conditional on the medical product being used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and its intended use. The Sovea thermoelastic mattress is not resistant to contact with water and other liquids.

It is crucial that the bed frame, matched to the mattress, has slats a maximum of every 3 cm. In addition, the frame should be sturdy, and its manufacture should be precise enough not to damage the fabric of the mattress. Apart from these issues, the product does not require specialized solutions.

The Sovea mattress cover is constructed in three parts:

  • a top layer made of “Thermal Control” fabric, which guarantees appropriate thermal regulation of the mattress,
  • a side layer in the form of a mesh belt, which promotes proper air circulation,
  • a backing layer made of non-slip material that guarantees a stable position of the mattress on the frame and in the bed frame. In addition, it protects the mattress from abrasion and other mechanical damage.
The purchase of a Sovea mattress can only be made through the online shop. This is a conscious strategy which allows you to purchase a top quality medical product at an affordable price. You also don't have to worry about this method of purchasing a mattress and the fact that the product doesn't meet your expectations – you have the possibility to test it for 60 days and return the product during this period without any consequences.
Yes, the quality of Sovea products is a priority for us. We know how important the comfort of sleep and rest is, and therefore, we make every effort to ensure that our offer meets the expectations of even the most demanding Customers. It is for this reason that we have introduced the possibility of testing the purchased mattress. From the moment you receive the product ordered by the Sovea online shop, you have 60 days to test it and verify its characteristics. If you find that the mattress does not meet your expectations, contact us by phone or email - together we will resolve the issue by offering the best solution for you. Remember, Sovea is all about being open to comments and ideas - our brand is constantly evolving, and your suggestions are the basis for us to further improve the product so that it is perfect for you.
Of course – we give you this option. Within a maximum of 72 hours of receiving your notice of cancellation, we will send a courier to collect your mattress from your address. This does not involve any additional costs on your part – all we ask is that you prepare the product properly for transport and secure it for that time. This will ensure that it returns safely to our premises. We will refund the money you have spent on your mattress within a maximum of 10 working days to the bank account number you have indicated.

If there has been damage to the mattress in transit, write a damage report in the presence of the courier and inform us of the situation. If you can see obvious damage to the product, affecting its quality, you should refuse to accept the parcel. It will then be sent back to our head office, at our expense. We will resolve the problem with the courier company, and you will receive another shipment of your mattress from us at no extra cost.

The Sovea pillow, just like the mattress available in our offer, is made of the highest quality thermoelastic foam. This ensures maximum sleeping comfort.

The Sovea Pillows are available in sizes: Sovea Pro 60×40 cm, Sovea Mini 40x30 cm, Sovea Ergo 55x40cm, Sovea Travel 30x40cm
Yes – when you purchase the pillow, you receive a cover made of Thermal Control membrane fabric. It is made using natural TENCEL fibres, which make the pillow offer excellent thermoregulation parameters. The cover is washable at a maximum of 40 °C.

Yes. The materials used ensure good air circulation and effectively inhibit microbial growth. An additional advantage is that the covers can be washed at up to 40 °C.


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