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Sovea thermo-elastic mattress – Discover all the advantages!

materac nawierzchniowy sovea, poduszka z pianki termoplastycznej sovea

Sleep problems are affecting more and more people. A hectic lifestyle, lots of work, stress and responsibilities make it difficult for us to fall asleep at night. Add to this all the screens that surround us and stimulate the body in an unhealthy way, and we have a recipe for insomnia.

Sleep comfort is incredibly important. The body and mind regenerate during the night. When we are sleepy, we have more energy and think faster. Of course, no one is going to suddenly leave work and there is no magic wand that eliminates stress. However, there are some ways to significantly improve the quality and comfort of sleep at night.

Thermoelastic mattress: what is it?

The Sovea M-PRO thermoelastic mattress is a certified medical device made of thermoelastic foam. Its main advantage is that it reacts to body pressure and adapts to body temperature. As a result, the mattress adapts to any body shape. Two people of different weights can sleep on it successfully.

The mattress thickness is up to 26 cm, including the thermo-elastic layer of up to 7 cm. Such a ratio guarantees high durability and unparalleled comfort. It can be said that these features are unique and unprecedented among mattresses on the market.

Another advantage is that Sovea mattresses are hypoallergenic. The components they are made of ensure optimal air circulation and prevent microorganisms from multiplying. This is because dust mites have no habitat due to their structure. The opposite of what happens with spring mattresses.

Structure of the Sovea thermoelastic mattress

Sovea mattresses are composed of four layers, each with a specific function, so that together they form a perfectly functioning whole.

Sov- Thermoactive ™ – thermoelastic foam.

This 7 cm thick layer forms the top layer of the mattress. Its function is to gradually adapt to the body and imitate its shape. This creates a pleasant enveloping sensation. It is worth mentioning that the innovative technology used to produce this foam was used by NASA. So it goes without saying that the sleeping comfort will be cosmic!

Sov-flex™ – highly flexible foam

Sov-Flex is a 5 cm thick foam that is inserted into the middle layer of the mattress. It is shaped or incised to increase flexibility in seven pressure zones. It is torsionally rigid and its irregular structure ensures the free flow of air.

Sov-base™ –

The thickest layer of the mattress, up to 10 cm thick. It is a comfort foam. It is made of extremely durable material that can withstand high loads. Its role is to stabilise the entire structure and properly support the body.

Sov-monobase™ –

This 4 cm section is the base of the mattress.

A cover that can be washed!

The entire mattress is covered with a Thermal Control fabric cover and ventilation mesh. The upper part of the cover is made of Thermal Control fabric with Tencel fibres. Tencel fibres offer excellent thermal properties.

Tencel is a synthetic fibre and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, synthetic fibres are of natural origin. Synthetic fibres should be avoided because they are produced in a laboratory and have nothing to do with nature. Tencel, on the other hand, is made from wood cellulose. The production process of Tencel is completely environmentally friendly and takes place in a closed loop, so that the impact on the environment is minimal. Tencel is said to be the fibre of the future. It is incredibly durable, hygienic and recommended for people with sensitive skin. Its production does not involve the use of chemicals and is therefore safe for the body.

The side layer of the cover is covered with a mesh, which ensures good ventilation of the entire mattress. This results in a high level of operating comfort, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

On the other hand, the bottom layer of the Sovea mattress is covered with an anti-slip fabric. This obviously guarantees a perfect fit and correct alignment of the mattress to the bed frame.

The cover is machine washable.

Thermoelastic mattress – Advantages:

  • Certified medical device;
  • It adapts to the shape and temperature of the body;
  • Responds to body pressure;
  • Anti-allergic;
  • It is removable and machine washable;
  • Two people sleeping on the same mattress do not feel each other’s movements;
  • It minimises back pain, which disappears completely during use;
  • It reduces numbness in the limbs, cramps and the feeling of a ‘heavy head’;
  • It allows the blood to flow freely throughout the circulatory system.

Who is the thermo-elastic Sovea mattress suitable for?

The answer is simple: for everyone! For those who want to improve the quality of their sleep, for those who struggle with pain, sleep problems, allergies or circulation problems.

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