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Thermo-elastic foam cushion

poduszka termoelastyczna hipoalergiczna

Memory’ cushion or thermo-elastic foam cushion

Thermo-elastic foam pillows are the most modern variant of this type of product. Compared to the others, they are distinguished by their remarkable ability to distribute weight evenly and to sleep comfortably. The way they stretch out helps reduce cervical spine problems.

Thermo-elastic pillows are made of a special thermo-elastic foam filled with thousands of air chambers. This property provides optimal support for the neck and head. In addition, the shape of the thermo-elastic foam pillow changes under pressure due to the air-cell filling structure. Thanks to this property, thermo-elastic pillows can be called ‘memory’. At the same time, unlike other types of products, the thermo-elastic pillow does not cause the head to ‘collapse’. It is able to adapt intelligently to the weight in order to distribute it evenly. In practice, lying down with a thermo-elastic pillow means great comfort.

The even load distribution is also an important advantage from a medical point of view. The neck, shoulders and head find natural support, which in no way impairs correct posture. The use of thermo-elastic foam pillows is recommended by orthopaedists because it minimises and prevents the development of postural damage in the upper spine area. Since a pillow is not the same as a pillow, attention should be paid to the size of the product at this level. It should neither be too small, because it would not allow comfortable sleep, nor too large, because it would interfere with healthy positioning of the neck and head. The size of the pillow recommended by doctors is about 40 x 60 centimetres.

poduszka termoelastyczna

Complete thermoelastic hypoallergenic pillows

Thermo-elastic foam pillows are also beneficial to health in a broader sense. The hole system ensures optimal ventilation inside the pillow, which not only affects durability, but above all health. The products presented completely prevent the growth of mould, fungus and micro-organisms. The thermo-regulating function of the pillows prevents the formation of moisture and allows it to constantly evaporate. This property also contributes to sleeping comfort: with a thermo-elastic pillow, morning neck sweating is a thing of the past. Thermo-elastic foam pillows also prevent dust mites from settling in. A specially developed filling and a high-quality cover (preferably made of TENCEL fibre fabric) make these pillows absolutely hypoallergenic.

When choosing a sleeping pillow, it is not only comfort that counts, but also the acceptable probability of being exposed to health problems in the future. With this in mind, it is worth considering factors such as the even body distribution and anti-allergy properties of thermo-elastic foam pillows. If you choose them, you will definitely feel an improvement in your sleeping comfort and have more strength to face the day!

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