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Which mattress to choose for allergy sufferers?

materac dla alergika termoelastyczny hipoalergiczny

Doctors are sounding the alarm and stating unequivocally that allergies could be a kind of plague of the 21st century. About a quarter of the entire population is allergic to the famous ‘pollen’. More dangerous, however, could be the allergens that occur daily in the home environment and whose epicentre could be the wrong mattress.

Hypoallergenic mattresses and thermo-elastic pillows

According to scientists, an average of about 30 allergenic substances are present in dust alone. To eliminate allergy factors, it is not enough to keep the house clean and pay attention to hygiene. It is worth remembering that in most cases they are harmful not only to allergy sufferers, but also to non-allergy sufferers.

The most important allergens are dust mites, moulds and fungi. Unfortunately, they can also settle in a very clean house, usually on the sofa or mattress. If you choose old-fashioned mattresses, e.g. sprung mattresses, you can be sure that mites will settle in the material after a short time. There is a reason why these microscopic insects love our mattresses so much: on the one hand, they have unlimited food at their disposal in the form of substances, and on the other hand, they love the warmth provided by the radiator and man himself…. Tears, swollen eyes, sore throats, shortness of breath and bronchial noises are just some of the symptoms of allergic reactions. However, the presence of these parasites also harms insensitive people.

It is virtually impossible to get rid of mites, so prevention is the most important thing. In this case, it means choosing a mattress on which insects cannot settle. The solution is thermo-elastic mattresses and pillows.

Thermoelastic mattresses – hypoallergenic, thermoregulating and safe

Standard foam or innerspring mattresses are usually not made of hypoallergenic materials. In contrast, thermo-elastic mattresses (and thermo-elastic pillows) are made of several layers, including thermo-elastic foams. The structure of the foams consists of thousands of air-filled chambers. As a result, thermo-elastic mattresses ensure even load distribution and provide the desired support to each body part individually. This prevents ‘sinking’ into the mattress and the resulting back pain.

Thanks to their thermoregulatory function, mattresses and pillows of this type have the ability to absorb excess moisture. The result? The complete elimination of the possibility of mould and fungus. After all, these fabrics only need dangerous moisture to form. Modern thermo-elastic foams with fabrics such as Thermal Control, for example, prevent dust mites and other pests from entering the mattress perimeter. Purchasing these products guarantees absolute safety.

Even microscopic deposits of mould and mildew or the presence of dust mites have a negative impact on everyone’s health. The only truly effective choice is to purchase a hypoallergenic mattress. Thermo-elastic pillows and mattresses seem to be the safest option that also offers maximum sleeping comfort.

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