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How the champion sleeps?

materace termoplastyczne sovea, materac z pianki termoplastycznej

Memory’ cushion or thermo-elastic foam cushion

Thermo-elastic foam pillows are the most modern variant of this type of product. Compared to the others, they are distinguished by their remarkable ability to distribute weight evenly and to sleep comfortably. The way they stretch out helps reduce cervical spine problems.

How does your day unfold?

When I prepare for fights, it usually takes six to 12-13 months, plus about 2-3 months to prepare for the fight itself.

These days I have 8 to 13 training sessions a week, but you can imagine that it is 2 or 3 training sessions a day and every Sunday is a day off for me. As a professional athlete, I cannot afford a day without training. Although there are so-called rest periods in the off-season, we try to maintain a certain amount of training and activity every day.

What is your path to recovery?

With two or three training sessions a day, it is often difficult to find time for recovery: adequate meals and meetings with the physiotherapists, whom I trust very much, are also very important.

I have a physiotherapist with whom I have worked for many years, often involving ice baths, cryogenic chambers, saunas, massages or simply the manual work of a physiotherapist.

Often even just walking or jogging has a rejuvenating effect when we are very tired from training, and if the training day is more relaxed, regeneration is also a healthy juice or a balanced diet.

What is it like for you before and immediately after the meeting?

Before the meeting we are out of rhythm. The last week before the meeting we are full of media, publicity for the whole gala and the whole meeting. We train less, we need to rest our bodies after these weeks of hard work.

Also, it is rest, it is sleep, and when I am at rest I reach a higher level of concentration – I concentrate on what is going to happen.

After the meeting, it is a matter of working with a physiotherapist, undergoing medical treatment or simply eating a balanced diet and getting lots and lots of sleep.

In general, I always sleep well before a meeting and it is important for me to sleep well. In general, on the day of the meeting it is very important to sleep well, eat well and take a good nap.

After a fight I don’t sleep for three days until I get home and then I sleep 12-13 hours, which is not normal for JJ because JJ is always on dopamine, he always has a lot of energy and for me these 7-8 hours of sleep are enough, but I can get used to a day and even a few days when I only sleep 6 hours at a time.

And how does the champion sleep? Hard or soft mattress?

Dear friends, I have heard many opinions – hard or soft, many advice.

I guess it’s because vitamin C was known to be left and right, and there seems to be no such thing.

I think everyone should first lie on the mattress and sleep on it a little longer to find out if it is suitable and what it needs. I relied on the advice of my physiotherapist, who is very experienced and has also done a lot of training on sleep and recovery. We have been working together for many years and he not only takes care of the preparation of my body, but also of my recovery.

For some time now I have been using and sleeping on a Sovea mattress, a thermoplastic multi-zone mattress.

After the first few days I say, ‘What’s with the mattress? Too soft!” and guess what? After a week I sleep wonderfully on this mattress and I have to tell you that I fall asleep on my stomach with my hand under my belly, I have a deep lordosis, but this mattress has adapted to my body shape!

I have been living in a new house for a while now, I have a new bed and mattress and, as I said, JJ does not sleep much because he works a lot, but I sleep 10 to 12 hours at a time in my new house on my new bed and mattress! Also, dear friends, I invite you to try it out.


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